Core Concepts


Generally, a dashboard contains charts, table, and other types of component.
I wrote 'generally', because this is very normal appearance of dashboard.
However, I think why the users of dashboard must watch same screen?
The same screen means a same address, same page, same layout, and same component.
Some of users want to watch sales related metrics first, and some of users want to watch infrastructure related metrics first.
Each user has a different metrics that focus on.
So, I made the StickyBoard. Fully customizable web admin/dashboard starter kit based on React.

Board and Sticker

At StickyBoard, there exists two core concepts. Board and Sticker.
Board means a single panel of dashboard.
Sticker means a component located on the board.
Users can add a sticker to the board, and can move or resize it very freely.
Concept image of Board and Sticker
As a result, users can make their own dashboard with StickyBoard.
Add a sticker, and locating it to proper size and position.
This is what I want to made.
Now, let's start to develop your own dashboard!